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Teaching for Experience: The Symposium June 23-25, 2015

This is a little different as a blog post, but I wanted to let people who follow the blog that we have finally set up a Symposium for next summer--June 23-25 2015. You are all invited. We have tried to keep the cost as low as possible, and I am working on foundation grants to get financial aid for scholarships.  I don't want any one to miss this opportunity.

What follows below is the first page of the website:

Put that address in and you will get a page where you can see who is on the panel of Heads of School and who is presenting what kind of workshop (just click on all the links on the left hand side of the page for all the information). There is also a page for registration. It is all still a work in progress--so, if you have ideas for anything at all, write us at

And, spread the word, OK? This is going to be a lot of fun and learning!

QUESTIONS?: | 914.479.6502
QUESTIONS?: | 914.479.6502

What is TFE?

Almost twenty years ago, CITYterm at the Masters School was created as a laboratory to investigate how and why some types of learning become transformational for both students and teachers. In the same year, Swedish researchers published one of the first pieces of research confirming that there was a distinction amongst “deep, transformational learning,” “strategic learning,” and “surface learning.”

For the past two decades, CITYterm’s mission has been to explore the cognitive and affective bases for why certain kinds of teaching and learning become transformational experiences. At this point in time, over a thousand students have experienced the CITYterm program, and are exploring how they can be the “authors of their own learning” in their lives.

A decade ago, the week-long workshop, Teaching for Experience, was established to share some CITYterm’s findings with teachers from around the world, but also to have those teachers create a deep learning experience for themselves. Each summer 15 to 18 teachers attend Teaching for Experience in order to make that happen. But now over 150 teachers have come to Dobbs Ferry for the week and returned to their home schools to implement the ideas that were fostered during the workshop.

Who's Invited? 

Every summer there has been a call to come together again to take the next step in furthering those ideas. 

Next summer, from June 23-25, we are creating a network of teachers from all over the world who are interested in creating transformative learning in their classrooms and in effecting institutional change in their schools

We will have scores of TFE alums returning, but we are also inviting ALL teachers and administrators who want to create a world-wide network of like-minded educators to join us.  This gathering is not only a reunion, it’s a symposium for EVERYONE engaged in this kind of work, a way to connect with each other and build a network that supports and enlivens our work moving forward.

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